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Welcome to Westkill Pest Control. Westkill was established in Perth in 1998 by Jim Lewis. Jim has held a Full Pest Management Technicians Licence since 1982. We are still a local Family owned and operated business. Our core values are Honest, Reliable, Quality Workmanship - Gauranteed.

Q - EEK I have a Pest problem! Who do I call?

A - Jim on 0403 176 148

Q - Why does the price of Termite treatment vary so much?

A - It depends on the size of the Property, the chemical to be used and its strength. Be sure to get accurate quotations stating all the facts.

Q - Are my pets safe?

A - Generaly the chemicals we use now are a lot safer and when used as specified on the label, will pose no threat to your pets. You should advise the technician of the pets you have, he will do an assesment and advise of any precautions that you should take.

Q - Do you get rid of Husbands / Wifes?

A - NO ! (sometimes I say - for an extra fee, but only joking)
Q - How often should I get Pest Control done?
A - Most of our customers are happy with once a year. We will combine treatment of other pests with your annual Termite maintenance (where possible), keeping the cost down and giving excellent value for money.
Q - What is the best time of year to get a pest treatment?
A - NOW, when you first notice it. Most pests will breed all year round. Don't wait for the problem to get out of hand, it could prove to be more costly in the long run.
Please feel free to call any time if you have any questions or are just seeking some friendly advise
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