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Welcome to Westkill Pest Control. Westkill was established in Perth in 1998 by Jim Lewis. Jim has held a Full Pest Management Technicians Licence since 1982. We are still a local Family owned and operated business. Our core values are Honest, Reliable, Quality Workmanship - Gauranteed.

Pest Control is a very important part of our lifestyle in Perth. Not only does it keep you free from those nasty nuisance insects such as Fleas and Ants (to name a few), but it can also save you thousands of Dollars in expensive repairs from Termite damage and Rats chewing through electrical wiring etc. Not to mention the diseases that Rats and Cockroaches carry and the harm that Spiders etc can cause.


It is very important to choose the correct treatment for the problem at hand. This requires a thorough knowledge of 1/ The Pest/s in question. 2/ The chemicals and treatment methods.   3/ The construction and building materials of your home (or work place). 
At Westkill we have 29 years of experience in Local Pest Control. We will conduct a thorough inspection of your home and the pest problem and clearly explain all aspects of the treatment. You can be assured of the best, safest and most up to date treatment methods available.
One of the most important aspects of owning a Property in Perth is to have an ongoing Termite Management Plan. All too often we are called to treat a House with extensive Termite Activity and Damage. This could be prevented by having a treatment before it is too late. The cost of having your home protected against Termite attack is quite low and some Termiticides now last up to 10 years. We are fully insured and all of our treatments come with a Warranty. We will also target any other Pest that you may have at the same time, saving you money.
Please take some time to browse this website as you may find the answers to some questions that you may have. If not we will be happy to talk to you, so please give us a call.  0403 176 148
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