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Welcome to Westkill Pest Control. Westkill was established in Perth in 1998 by Jim Lewis. Jim has held a Full Pest Management Technicians Licence since 1982. We are still a local Family owned and operated business. Our core values are Honest, Reliable, Quality Workmanship - Gauranteed.






Pest Updates

Termites are Swarming already this year and looking for food, so don't put off  having your house treated. http://www.termidor.com.au/termite-control/
The past 2 years have been particularly bad for Black Ants invading Homes and Gardens and undermining brick paving. The good news is that they can be successfully treated using Termidor, which will also kill their nest. So don't put up with them any longer. http://www.termidor.com.au/ant-control/
Spiders have always been a problem to Perth home owners. The new homes with metal fencing attract  Redbacks. The good news is  that we also treat the fencing for you.
Rats will be looking for food and water and will be scavenging around our homes. Try to clean up any pools of water and dripping taps etc. If you hear noises in your Roof, call us before they also make it their home!
Cockroaches they just love the warm weather and will be very active breeding and looking for places to lay their eggs, behind the fridge, under the sink etc. If you see one it's likely he has been pushed out as their numbers increase (one female can lay 40 eggs each time).


















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