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Important information Before you sign a contract to purchase a new Home

Firstly make sure that your contract covers getting a Termite or Timber Pest inspection and a Building inspection. Next make sure that you have ample time to conduct these inspections,  (14 days after finance approval is normal).

Secondly make sure that the agreement covers the cost of repairs (the sellers expense), for any items found and reported as a result of these inspections.

It is very common to find faults during prior to purchase inspections and the repair cost can more than compensate for the cost of the inspection. Our Timber Pest inspections cover items such as Wood Rot, Timber decay, Damp and moist areas and areas conducive to Termite activity etc. They  are conducted to Australian Standards 4349.3-2010 and our reporting system is underwritten by our insurance company.

Please Note: Some Building inspectors are offering Termite and Timber pest inspections, However they are often unlicensed to treat Termite activity. Apart from many setbacks in using unskilled labour, this can also be more costly to you. 

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